10 November 2017

Technical Director conducts air performance demonstration

Gilberts Blackpool have again orchestrated some innovative grille and diffuser demonstrations for the benefit of their customers, this time with their Northern Ireland agent, WJ Hogg & Company. Roy Jones, Gilberts (Blackpool) Technical Director personally took up the baton to ensure a virtuoso performance.

Accompanying Roger Hogg the Managing Director of WJ Hogg, were a section from the Arup ensemble in Belfast. Throughout the visit to Gilberts (Blackpool) unique in-house test theatre, the delegation received a moving performance in grille and diffuser selection along with some smoke tests that enabled them to see exactly how air pattern is effected by temperature change and the use of different product types. Roger commented “The team from Arup were particularly impressed with the smoke tests. Actually seeing the coanda effect, was really helpful in understanding the importance of product selection”. “Live demonstrations really help our customers keep in tune with the latest advancements and can now bass their designs on products that are in harmony with the building’s dynamics” added Ian Rogers, Gilberts’ Sales Director with perhaps just a few too many puns.