Natural Ventilation Solutions

Natural ventilation, unlike mechanical fan ventilation, simply uses the natural pressure differential force of air movement, wind and buoyancy to deliver a steady supply of fresh air for building ventilation and cooling.

Natural Ventilation Solutions

Mistrale 50

The Mistrale 50 is a compact natural ventilation inlet that has been specifically designed to fit in to both walls and windows.

A typical Mistrale 50 cassette comprises of a Class 'A' 50 or 75mm pitch external weather proof louvre and an insulated air volume damper to control the air movement  Additional components such as silencers, heating/cooling coils, internal fascia grilles and mounting/housing sleeves can also be added

Mistrale 50

Its slimline design and low weight level allow the unit to comfortably bead into a window aperture. The cassette comes complete with either a glazing bead to allow fitting into standard window frame or border flanges for convenient wall installation.

Key Performance Features

U Value: 2.55 Watts/m2/K

Leakage: 7.7 m3 per hour per sq/m

Weather Rating: Up to Class A

Size Range: 200x200 up to 1000x500

Mistrale 50

Mistrale 50 is designed to provide smooth, accurate and stable airflow. The volume control damper is a new and unique design that offers extremely low leakage (when closed) as well as a very low u value. Configured using insulating UPVC extrusions with integral air gaps, cold bridge effects and heat transfer are dramatically reduced creating a unit with an extremely low U value.

The system works automatically with the damper typically actuator driven in accordance with a demand signal from the building controls. Total integration into the building control strategy is also possible either using Gilberts own control system or a full building management suite.

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