Natural Ventilation Solutions

Natural ventilation, unlike mechanical fan ventilation, simply uses the natural pressure differential force of air movement, wind and buoyancy to deliver a steady supply of fresh air for building ventilation and cooling.

Natural Ventilation Solutions

Mistrale 100

The Mistrale 100 is a large format natural ventilation inlet that has been specifically designed to fit in to both curtain and masonry walls and even windows.  

A typical Mistrale 100 cassette comprises of a Class 'A' 50 or 75mm pitch external weather proof louvre and an insulated air volume damper to control the air movement . Additional components such as silencers, heating/cooling coils, internal fascia grilles and mounting/housing sleeves can also be added

Mistrale 100

Key Performance Features

U Value: 1.52 Watts/m2/K

Leakage:  6.1m3 per hour per sq/m

Weather Rating: Up to Class A

Size Range: 200x225 up to 2000x1050

Mistrale 100

Multiple units to support large screen or continuous run louvres are also available

Mistrale 100 is designed to provide smooth, accurate and stable airflow. The volume control damper is a new and unique design that offers extremely low leakage (when closed) as well as a very low u value. Configured using insulating pultrusions with integral air gaps, cold bridge effects and heat transfer are dramatically reduced creating a unit with an extremely low U value.


The system works automatically with the damper typically actuator driven in accordance with a demand signal from the building controls. Total integration into the building control strategy is also possible either using Gilberts own control system or a full building management suite.

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