Project Description

Football fans enjoying hospitality in Liverpool FC’s new Main Stand at Anfield are enjoying the atmosphere within, thanks to Gilberts’ engineering expertise.

Consultant Jacobs Engineering recommended Gilberts’ grilles and diffusers, for M&E contractor Imtech to install as part of the design & build project for Carillion, under Phase 1 of the club’s stadium expansion programme.

The Gilberts’ components have been used in the corporate viewing boxes, banqueting areas, bars and toilets; a combination of 4 way louvred face (DGA/4) ceiling diffusers, plus linear L/0/3 grilles and vision proof NV/6 grilles with Smokeguard fire dampers to ensure efficient distribution of fresh air throughout the zones with prevention of smoke and flames should there be a fire.

“Gilberts is the premier air movement company in England. The Liverpool FC Main Stand is being developed, in three phases, to become one of the largest single stands in Europe, with best-in-class hospitality facilities whilst retaining the atmosphere and sprit of Anfield. Our abilities to work closely with everyone in the supply chain and to develop detailed product specification were instrumental in winning the project,” observed Gilberts’ Sales Director Ian Rogers. “As a result, practical completion of the first phase was achieved in time for the new season.”

Gilberts’ DGA/4 louvred face ceiling diffusers provide four-way blow with a maximum cooling differential of 12OC through the ceiling, be it plasterboard or suspended. The L/0/3 slimline linear bar grilles similarly fit flush and level in the ceiling with a full concealed fixing.

The NV/6 non vision transfer grilles are surface mounted into doors or blockwork to allow passage of air and light but obscure vision. The Smokeguard dampers also allow ventilation, via a unique patented drive mechanism and enables airflow in normal circumstances but closes to prevent smoke and flame penetration in the event of a fire.