Smoke & Fire Dampers

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Duct Smoke/Fire Dampers
Gilberts Ductgard presents an ‘engineered’ range of combined smoke and fire dampers suitable for use in all types of HVAC ductwork. Benefitting from over 50 years of engineering experience in the industry considerable ingenuity has been applied in the design and construction of this product to produce a damper of high efficiency, reliability, durability and ease of use. Ductgard has been tested to the latest BS-EN1366-2 fire test standard and includes mandatory CE marking.


Door/Wall Smoke/Fire Dampers
Gilberts Smokegard Dampers provide a revolutionary “Engineered’ answer to the problem of smoke and fire protection in fire doors, walls and partitions. A unique patented blade linkage mechanism has produced a Damper narrow enough to fit within the confines of a 1/2 hour (44mm) door, 1 hour (54mm) door or any wall/partition and allow the passage of ventilation air in normal conditions but prevent the spread of smoke and flames in fire conditions.


Curtain Fire Dampers
Gilberts Smoke and Fire Control Division, manufacture a full range of products designed to serve the smoke/fire protection industry including Duct Mounting combination Smoke/Fire Dampers, Door and Wall mounting Smoke/Fire Dampers and Duct Mounting Fire Dampers.

Series 54

Smoke Evacuation Dampers (EN1366)
The Series 54 smoke damper range has been designed to satisfy smoke ventilation applications and is particularly suited for smoke evacuation shafts and risers in multi storey buildings.

Series FB

Intumescent Fire Dampers
Gilberts FB Series provides a compact, efficient range of intumescent fire dampers designed to satisfy all types of air transfer application in offices, shops, schools, hospitals and many other commercial projects.