Air Movement Facility & Airflow Modelling

In 2015 our Air Movement Facility was fully redesigned and rebuilt to provide an all new, cutting edge Research and Development and Air Movement Test Resource.

The Test Centre enables us to perform full air movement, product performance and research tests for new and existing products as well as undertake special tests or simulations to specific customer requirements.

Designed to ISO 5219 specifications we have superb versatility in room arrangement which, combined with the air handling unit and ductwork set-up, allows a controlled air flow to be supplied through numerous sizes and types of device in a multitude of floor, wall and ceiling mounting positions.

Experiments determine all key data including flow rates, pressures, velocities and temperatures and the computer control centre can then record all tests both visually and in data form. Supporting this we also have the latest Flomerics computational fluid dynamics airflow modelling software which, using a 3D CAD base, allows our engineers to generate a computer graphical model of any area complete with air terminal or other devices.

The models are then populated with sub- structures, fixtures and other heating/cooling loads which enables the software to accurately predict the air flow and heat transfer behavior in 3 dimensions.

Using this software complex applications can be proven without the need for laboratory testing.