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Architectural louvres. We use them for ventilation, screening, cladding, solar shading, noise reduction or, at times, even just for aesthetics.

Whilst they are often essential to a buildings functionality we also know that with modern louvre designs and manufacturing technology your louvres no longer need to be seen as a visual or functional constraint.

On the contrary they may be considered an opportunity opening up new vistas in design and appearance. Incorporate bold functionality to make a design statement or alternatively blend them discreetly with the facade. With a wide variety of size, shapes, styles, patterns and colours to choose from your design can be made and formatted to meet your vision.

With a range of weather protection choices, blade profiles and styles we have a design to suit your project. Our louvres can be factory built or site assembled and we still have the flexibility to provide special or bespoke designs to match with complex building architecture.

Product Range Summary:

  • Standard & High performance weather louvres
  • Louvre screens
  • Louvre single and double doors
  • Penthouse turret louvres
  • Circular, triangular and special shaped louvres
  • Acoustic louvres
  • Factory built louvres
  • Kit form louvres for on site assembly
We can provide designs, manufacturing and support for almost any imaginable project, whether simple or complex, large or small. For  visualisation the link below will take you to our image library where you can browse projects and installations at random or search using keywords. 
Project examples that can provide comfort in our scope and abilities or perhaps even inspiration for something new. Our projects tab above also links you in to more images with supporting details and history for some of our more recent projects. 

Weather Louvres

Weather louvres are designed to allow the passage of air whilst providing the area beyond with protection from rain penetration. But as well as being functional they also fulfill an aesthetic need. To meet these dual objectives requires an extensive palette of designs and so we offer a wide range of different louvre styles and types with a primary choice of blade size according to size, performance and design preference. Blade size formats range from 38 through 50, 75 and 100mm pitches in standard and high weather performance options. Numerous additional design features can also be accommodated such as circular, triangular or raked head profiles, internal or external mitred corners, bird ,vermin or insect screens, sills, single and double doors, volume control dampers, blanking plate (insulated and non insulated) and attenuators.

Penthouse Louvres

Penthouse, or roof turrets as they might often be referred to, essentially fulfil the same role as a weather louvre although naturally this time ..up on the roof.  Again these units are designed to perform in multiple different roles. They can be used for standard air intake or exhaust applications but more often than not they can perform a central role in natural ventilation systems providing for either wind driven or stack ventilation. In another dimension a penthouse can also effectively be used to screen, conceal or protect plantroom equipment. 

Acoustic Louvres

Acoustic Louvres fulfill a similar role to standard weather louvres but with the key advantage of being able to provide significant noise attenuation as well. Do you have  noisy plant room, factory work shop or generating equipment to provide ventilation to or screen? We can help you to solve these environmental noise issues. Acoustic louvres provide the perfect solution combining optimal acoustic performance with limited restrictions on airflow. We offer four key depth profiles each with advancing performance in noise attenuation and then two different blade profiles for choices in appearance. Need a raked base or raked head, mitred corners or single and double door? These also feature in our range.

We have 60 years of experience in the design and build of louvre system. For further practical help, advice or guidance on any of our louvre products our technical sales team at head office or your area sales representative (see Sales Team link above) will be pleased to assist


But… We don’t only offer support through design and manufacture we also carry the service through to optional installation with our own site installation team. We are here to support you all the way starting with appropriate guidance to decide upon the initial design and louvre style and standard, through the site survey, manufacture, delivery and professional installation.

We would be delighted to get involved and help you with your next louvre project

Louvre Design Elements


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