Architectural and External Louvres Navigation

Gilberts architectural and external louvre series has been developed to meet the complex needs of modern building and architecture providing for ventilation,  aesthetic screening… or both.

Including Weather Louvres, Acoustic louvres & Penthouse Louvres

With a range of weather protection choices, blade profiles and styles we have a design to suit your project. Our louvres can be factory built or site assembled but we still have the flexibility to provide special or bespoke designs to match with complex building architecture.

Product range Summary:

  • Standard & High performance weather louvres
  • Louvres screens
  • Louvre single and double doors
  • Penthouse turret louvres
  • Circular, Triangular and special shaped louvres
  • Acoustic louvres
  • Factory build louvres
  • Kit form louvres for on site assembly

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Weather Louvres

Weather Louvres allow the passage of air, whilst providing the area beyond the room with protection from rain penetration.

Acoustic louvres

Acoustic Louvres are designed to be mounted behind the louvre panels, to reduce noise egress.