As one of the UKs leading designers and manufacturers of Grilles, Diffusers, Louvres and smoke/Fire Dampers for the heating, ventilating and air conditioning industry, we have made ourselves aware of the consequential impacts that our operations may have on the environment.

This we have done not only in relation to the resources consumed within the product manufacturing processes and also the energy utilisation characteristics of our equipment once installed.

Our commitment to care for the environment is translated into company policy and will be achieved by:
  • Continual and effective improvement of environmental performance
  • Compliance, as a minimum, with all applicable legislation, Gilberts requirements and any other adopted requirements which relate to our environmental aspects
  • Implementation and continued improvement of an occupational risk management system that meets the requirements of the International Standards Organisation, ISO 14001:2004
  • The setting and review of environmental objectives and targets
  • Review of the management system and policy to ensure their suitability, adequacy and effectiveness
  • Provision of suitable and sufficient environmental information, instruction and training to enable all staff to carry out their jobs competently
  • Selection and monitoring of competent third parties to ensure appropriate standards of environmental management are achieved
  • Effective communication and cooperation with third parties so that they are aware of our environmental management expectations
  • Environmental management is everyone’s responsibility, and a prime responsibility of all levels of management.

We will provide adequate and appropriate resources to implement this policy and will ensure it is properly communicated and understood.Our aim, and those of the other Directors, is to encourage initiative and adopt best practice in a culture where employees and managers are aware of their individual responsibilities for the environment and actively engaged and committed to improving standards of environmental management.