Natural ventilation, unlike mechanical fan forced ventilation, simply uses the natural pressure differential force of air movement, wind and buoyancy to deliver a steady supply of fresh air for building ventilation and cooling.

Naturally ventilating a building offers the best of both worlds combining little or no energy consumption with low capital costs whilst still providing adequate fresh air and temperature conditions throughout the year. With plant room also eliminated, services space minimised and lower service and maintenance costs, Natural Ventilation now makes for one the most practical choices of the day.

Natural ventilation therefore is, not surprisingly, one of the preferred ventilation solutions in the Building Schools for the Future programme. The specification for this programme identifies a number of key issues in the building design including sustainability, buildability and efficiency. Natural ventilation systems offer distinct advantages over traditional forced air movement in all of these areas.

The Gilberts Mistrale Natural Ventilation System is a complete, all new design that incorporates patented design features which position it at the leading edge of modern natural ventilation design. Suitable for both stack effect and wind driven systems Mistrale comprises of all of the key the components you will need to design a robust, efficient and extremely effective natural ventilation system.

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