Blade Profile

The blade profile is the principle driver in both the appearance and performance of an external louvre. To cater for the requirements for all different project and louvre sizes we offer a range of 4 principle blade options to enable you to strike a perfect balance between blade pitch and louvre scale.

38mm Blade – Small format louvre blade set on a 38mm pitch. Fitting as many as 26 blades into a 1m high louvre this format is typically suited where a fine line blade appearance may be desirable and especially suits heights of less than 450mm for a more efficient use of blade and a lower restriction of free area.

50mm Blade  – Medium format blade set on a 50mm pitch. Fitting as many as 20 blades into a 1m high louvre this profile again lends itself to smaller designs where a smaller blade line is desired but has the strength and capacity to scale up to larger sizes of typically 1.5 to 2m.

75mm Blade – Large format louvre with blades set on a 75mm pitch, a size originally conceived to align with a typical brickwork course. Fitting as many as 13 blades into a 1m high louvre the 75 is one of our most popular profiles due to its ability to scale to both small and larger sizes and yet remain economical in terms of depth and weight.

100mm Blade – Extra large format louvre with blades set on a 100mm pitch. Fitting as many as 9 blades into a 1m high louvre our largest format provides scale, strength and rigidity for the very largest of projects.

38mm Blade
50mm Blade
75mm Blade
100mm Blade

Frame Profiles

As well as the four blade profiles we also offer a choice of different border style options.

Frameless – Often suited to large screening installations and site built louvres. With large scale louvres supported by a network mullions and steelwork all fixings are addressed at the rear of the louvre meaning framed borders are unnecessary.

Flanged  – Provides a picture frame border around the louvre making it easy to install small to medium sized louvres into an opening typically using screws or self drilling screws through the flange face (although concealed rear fixing are still available).

Channel –  Provides a U channel border which ecapsulates the louvre blades all the way around the perimeter. This provides a sturdy factory built assembly good for small to medium sized louvres that can be placed into the opening and invisibly fixed through the sides or at the rear.   

Glazed – Purpose built frame that allows the louvre to be glazed into a window frame channel. Our glazing frames can accommodate various depths to suit the glazing profile


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Multiple blade depths
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Standard polyester powder coat in wide range of RAL and BS colours.

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