The Gilberts intake/exhaust penthouse roof top turret can be manufactured in a wide variety of size and shape configurations to suit the system design or aesthetic parameters.

Turrets can be designed to suit wind driven systems or stack effect with internal partitions and dampers providing for full and accurate air control. All penthouse units are of our patented high weather efficiency design as standard to eliminate weather ingress and can be fitted on to both flat and pitched roofs.

Key Features

  • Weather Rating: Up to Class A
  • Free Area: 50%
  • Size Range: From 300x300x300 with no upper size limit

Design styles are flexible with traditional square designs most popular and with a variety of roof top options. Special or bespoke roof tops can also be included to complement or contrast with your building design.

A durable polyester powder finish to any BS/RAL colour allows a free matching architectural colour choice.