Acoustic silencers are designed to allow the free passage of air through an opening or aperture whilst absorbing and attenuating all noise from the other side. Gilbert silencers are specifically designed to provide high noise reduction factors for air intake or air transfer applications through walls and building facades.

The silencers use specially profiled perforated acoustic baffles spaced evenly across the product to efficiently treat the maximum airflow. As sound enters the baffles the perforation allow sound to permeate inwards where it can be absorbed by the non-combustible mineral wool filling. Adjusting the depth of the silencer allows different levels of noise reduction performance across the sound spectrum.

Acoustic silencers provide for a number of applications: 

External: For an external application, the silencer can be fitted behind an external louvre to provide attenuation from external noise sources.

Internal: For an internal application the unit can be fitted into walls or partitions (concealed behind facia grilles where necessary) to provide attenuation of internal noise break out i.e. from a corridor into a room.

Fire Rated: The silencer can also be fitted into fire rated transfer applications if used in combination with an approved fire damper, intumescent damper or a smoke fire damper.

Manufactured from a galvanised steel frame with rockwool inserts the silencers are fully non-combustible and available in 5 depths with corresponding noise reduction specification levels ranging from 100 to 600mm deep.

The units were independently tested to BS EN 10140-2 2010 and are also compliant with BB93 for acoustics in school buildings. 

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