Creative Design Solutions

Mistrale provides many off the shelf designs providing for the most cost effective and timely solution however there are times when a standard solution may simply just not do. This can be due to architectural demands and/or constraints or desired aesthetics.  We enjoy a colourful, varied and exciting built environment and our products need to reflect the same.

Using any of our systems as a base we can design a natural ventilation system around your design theme modifying components, styles, shapes and interfaces to achieve your design concept

Drawing on nearly 60 years of air distribution and engineering experience…

  • We work in partnership with our clients.
  • We listen to what you would like to see and work with you to come up with the best product for your particular design.
  • We provide support all the way through to an an order or project starting from design advice, product fabrication, managed installation and commissioning.
  • We can develop 3d drawings to illustrate product details and the interface with the structure.
  • We can develop schemes and test operational effectiveness using our test room or CFD modelling.
  • We offer a truly bespoke service to deliver great, high quality products that perfectly match requirements.

For complex or bespoke designs please get in touch and our sales engineers will be pleased to discuss all options