One aspect of Wimbledon that will be keeping its cool during the Championships is the plant serving No 1 Court.

 The vital mechanical equipment is being protected by more than 350m2 of louvres from the UK’s top-seeded independent air movement specialist, Gilberts. Located on Levels 5 and 6 of the court perimeter, 176 panels of WH75 high performance weather louvres were designed, fabricated and delivered to site within a tight time frame to ensure action on court could proceed uninterrupted during the tournament.

  The screening weather louvres form a key part of the outer wall façade element of the £70m refurbishment of  No 1 Court, which, for 2018, has included new hospitality and support facilities together with a fixed and retractable roof- all executed by Prater.

All the Gilberts’ louvre panels and doors are removable, to facilitate access to the plant behind; predominantly removable from the inside, a select few have been specially engineered with front face lift-off panels where rear access is not possible.

“With such a prestigious project, it mattered more than ever that the building components and materials were compliant,” observed Gilberts Sales Director Ian Rogers. “With our in-house technical expertise, we were able to develop initial designs, complete with bespoke detailing, supported by full specification criteria to prove our louvres would comply with the required Class A weather rating @ 0.5m/s face velocity. And we turned the order round, from initial enquiry to delivery, within a matter of weeks.”

Gilberts WH75 single bank louvres are proven, under European Standards, to be 99.5% effective in screening/exhaust applications, still delivering 99% effectiveness even with a 1m/s face velocity. They feature a unique blade design which is central to the louvres’ ability to deliver high performance, efficiently preventing water ingress and  draining it from the pane, whilst still delivering a free ventilation area of 50%.

Founded over 50 years ago and still family-owned and run, Gilberts has become the ‘go to’ supplier for specialist commercial air movement solutions. It designs all its products- standard and bespoke- in-house, and has its own, in-house test laboratory to ratify all products and projects.