Invisible Fix To Airing Commercial Spaces

The problem of achieving a uniformly well-ventilated space beneath a perforated ceiling is resolved with a unique development by Gilberts.

The new GTD (Gilberts Tile Diffuser) provides a virtually invisible means of incorporating ventilators into a perforated ceiling. Uniquely, via Gilberts’ development and application of air distribution solutions, it ensures optimal ventilation of the interior below, without any cold spots.

“The technology we’ve employed in the GTD enables an uninterrupted and seamless ceiling grid, so it is completely unobtrusive. The GTD range delivers great performance, even where there is little free ventilation area, but our innovative technology means that a fresh atmosphere is constant, without draughts. Most people won’t even know there is a vent there!” explains Gilberts’ Sales Director Ian Rogers.

Gilberts GTD features a bespoke impeller, positioned directly against the perforated tile- be it 300 wide plank or 600 x 600 tile. The impeller builds on patented technology Gilberts already incorporates in its GS range of swirl diffusers.

The impeller helps produce a radial blow pattern with coanda, thereby overcoming the traditional issue of cold air ‘dumping’. It ensures optimal performance, even when requiring a temperature reduction of 10°?t.

The GTD performs with a free ventilation area as low as 16%- unrivalled in the market.

Initially, Gilberts is launching two versions: GTD300 and GTD600. The GTD300 is a cost-effective, versatile version that fixes magnetically onto the back of the 300 wide plank tile. It will deliver air volumes between 40l/s and 90l/s. The ‘heavy duty’ GTD600 operates more quietly, at higher volumes- from 80l/s up to 200l/s- with an even lower relative pressure drop.

Both versions have been fully validated, in Gilberts’ in-house test facility, in ceilings with tiles as restricted as 16% free area. No other diffuser, to Gilberts’ knowledge, can perform with such a small free ventilation area.

The new GTD diffusers compliment Gilberts’ established offering, which includes the patented GS range of swirl diffusers, which can be easily integrated into, and enhance the aesthetics of ceiling configurations. The diffusers are just part of Gilberts’ air movement solutions, which further incorporates grilles and louvres.

Founded 55 years ago, Gilberts Blackpool is Britain’s leading independent air movement specialist, and is unique in its ability to develop components- whether ‘mainstream’ or bespoke – entirely in-house, from initial design through tooling, production, testing and supply, at its 85,000 ft2 manufacturing facility. Its state of the art test centre, designed and built in-house, is one of the most technically advanced in the country.